Channel Management

To thrive in today’s buyer-driven marketplace, a strong Partner enablement strategy helps you generate greater near-term revenue and long-term ecosystem support for your organization.

Our Channel Program Blueprint (CPB), focuses on the near-term business objectives of your channel program today. However, without a long-term plan, resources are either wasted or sub-optimized on well-intended initiatives that fall short of business goals. An effective plan has five components:

  • Business Planning. A solid planning framework guides all the decisions that should be made for enabling and supporting a sales channel
  • Partner Recruitment. Finding the right partners and getting them productive as quickly as possible is critical.
  • Partner Enablement. Recruited partners need to be properly certified so that they can effectively represent your brand as a partner.
  • Demand Creation. In today’s buyer-driven marketing and selling environment, a closed-loop marketing process is critical to developing an effective demand creation engine.
  • Technology Strategy: Measuring, Monitoring, and Reporting. The ability to measure and monitor performance is essential to managing sales channels.

Benefits of the CPB Process. Our final deliverable helps organizations provide a simple framework to “get everyone on the same page” when it comes to a channel strategy. It provides a basis for setting priorities for resource allocation and the application of best practices from similar companies, third-party research, and own experiences to achieve sustainable channel performance improvement.