Enterprise Sales

THE OGDEN GROUP operates as the North American sales organization for companies seeking market entry and sales acceleration. We work with international software and technology services providers to collaborate a comprehensive sales strategy and execute your plan to rapidly acquire new customers in major markets, deploying the right commercial insights supported by business issue messaging campaigns tailored for each market and buyer persona.

As your outsourced sales partner THE OGDEN GROUP:

  • Puts an experienced sales team in place for sales acceleration projects.
  • Builds a sales channel rapidly without impacting direct sales, or vice versa.
  • Tests new markets or open new territories before hiring internal sales resources.
  • Uses a variable versus fixed cost model, providing the flexibility to scale resources as needed.
  • Keeps internal sales teams focused while experimenting with new product or service offerings.
  • Leverages experience, relationships, and training for roughly the cost of one senior sales executive.

Sales outsourcing gives companies a full-service sales force with:

  • No recruiting fees, relocation or housing expenses.
  • No benefits, healthcare insurance, and a significantly reduced tax burden.
  • No long delays associated with researching and building out a sales organization.