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Meet Our Founder

Mark Ogden is the founder and managing partner of THE OGDEN GROUP, a North Carolina based sales and market entry firm serving global organizations.

With more than 25 years of multi-industry experience in Fortune 500 corporations and entrepreneurial ventures, including venture capital and private equity-backed startups, Ogden brings deep, operational domain expertise across a diverse set of markets helping companies achieve growth.

THE OGDEN GROUP uses an agile selling methodology to drive customer acquisition, value engineering, and partner alliances to generate revenue and deliver an outstanding client experience. Our process supports growth companies, and their customers, to speed the technology adoption lifecycle to generate profitable and sustainable revenue.

Prior to THE OGDEN GROUP, Mark served in sales and partner leadership roles at SDL plc, Acrolinx GmbH, XEROX Global Services, Verity (now Micro Focus), Capital Cities/ABC Inc. (now Disney), and Ziff-Davis. His career in enterprise software and systems integration began in Silicon Valley during the early commercialization of the Internet, working with several pre-IPO ventures funded by Internet Capital Group and Menlo Ventures.

He is based in Cary, North Carolina near Research Triangle Park. He is a member of the Association of Strategic Alliance Professionals, Customer Experience Professionals Association, Defense Alliance of North Carolina, and The Global Special Operations Forces (SOF) Foundation. Mark received his bachelor’s degree in Communications from Villanova University.

Mark Ogden

North Carolina is a great place for high-growth companies to establish a US presence and serve their customers due to the abundant STEM-educated workforce and a 2.5%, pro-business, corporate tax rate.

– Mark Ogden
Managing Partner

The Ogden Group applies a 360-degree view to their clients’ business to help solve their problems. Their approach is thoughtful and balanced and considers the complex and dynamic challenges that often arise with clients and partners in fast paced environments.

– Larry Heathcote, Head of Product Marketing for AWS Data Warehousing and Analytics, Amazon Web Services

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