Client Experience

Delivering Great Client Experience Generates Meaningful Results

In the coming year, more than 50% of organizations will implement significant business model changes in their efforts to improve client experience. – Gartner

Here Are Four Reasons Why:

More Revenue


Change in YoY revenue vs. 7.7% for all others

Greater Profit


Better YoY customer profit vs. 2.9%

Better Retention


Customer retention vs. 57% for all others

Higher Satisfaction


Change in customer satisfaction vs. -0.8%

Aberdeen Group: The Customer Experience Value Chain: Paving The Way to Advocacy

THE OGDEN GROUP works with experience design firms to help organizations expand their customer base and retain and grow valuable relationships. Our services are designed and delivered to support organizations so they can better understand their clients and serve them more effectively.

We collaborate with ambitious, forward-thinking organizations to improve client experience (CX) by modernizing sales, marketing, and operations.

Our purpose is to help increase sales and customer loyalty while reducing operational expenses by:

  • Developing a customer satisfaction research process to understand customers’ needs, wants, and level of engagement and satisfaction.
  • Creating CX governance and process redesign to support and sustain customer satisfaction practices.
  • Collaborating on how to measure, understand, and link brand emotions to financial impact.

We help clients understand their holistic CX ecosystem by focusing on:

  • Understanding the current state of CX in their organization, and how to instill a customer-centric DNA.
  • Identifying CX best practices, empowering employees, and aligning CX to existing corporate objectives.
  • Crafting performance measurement and management approaches to create CX Centers of Excellence.

Getting CX right is critical. We offer services to initiate or improve your CX Program through:

  • CX Evaluations
  • CX Consulting
  • CX Workshops

If you’re involved with a CX program and it’s not doing all you expected, or you want to discuss how a CX program can work in your organization, we can help.